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The Power of Data: Beyond the basics
Scopus is not only over 82 million records from peer-reviewed scientific publications. In addition to access to relevant literature, essential in the scientific process, the Scopus database has implemented citation analysis and source comparison features. Additionally, there are extended possibilities through the SciVal tool and analysis of data aggregated to researcher, institution, or country level. During the webinar, we will show practical examples of reports and analyses done based on Scopus data, and we will share how to perform them.

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Kate Patyrak
RI Customer Consultant @Elsevier
Kate graduated from the Gdańsk University of Technology and Warsaw University of Technology. She has spent over 7 years working in the research community. At that time, she actively represented PhD students and young scientists in the discussion about science and higher education in Poland, especially about the new system of research evaluation. Today, as Research Intelligence Customer Consultant in Central and Eastern Europe, she supports scientific institutions in managing their research potential and taking care of their visibility. She is passionate about systems for research evaluation and the broadly understood subject of data quality. Privately, enthusiast of mountain expeditions and roller skating.
Bart Wieckowski
RI Customer Consultant @Elsevier
For over ten years associated with the educational market. Bartlomiej is a specialist with experience in university rankings and analyzes of the educational markets. He gained experience at the Education Foundation "Perspektywy" by creating a recognizable and valued the Perspektywy University Ranking. Bartlomiej was also involved in many projects related to the education market and promoting Polish education in the country and abroad. He has an open mind, constantly looking for new solutions to existing challenges or difficulties. He likes when his involvement in implemented projects translates into concrete results and support the others.