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Elsevier Solutions advances all stages of chemical research.
Discover, Create and Understand chemical reactions and experimental conditions, substances and properties are cornerstones for each chemical researcher. How to bolster your exploration, whilst achieving more at the same amount of time? How to improve and sustain your scientific performance? Prof. Perekalin, head of the research group and a leading chemical researcher in the field of rhodium and Alkenylation will share his bold experience. His familiarity with different Elsevier’s products brought him a substantial understanding of how contemporary IT solutions become essential for scholars. Please join the webinar with prof. Perekalin to gather first hands experience and understanding how to improve your research and publication process.
During the webinar, we will uncover the standard research & publishing workflow: 1. Research idea generation, 2. Project proposal/grant presentation, 3. Design of experiment, 4. Run experiment, 5. Analyze results & test application, 6. Reporting, publication, and dissemination.


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