What's new in Zoom?

You can read all about the latest features in the Zoom Release Notes on the Zoom website.

Please Note: Some features described in the Release Notes may not be available at Elsevier, or exactly as described. If you would like more information, please contact the TechDesk.

How do I update Zoom?

Zoom updates automatically to the latest stable version, so you don’t need to update it yourself.

What video conferencing rooms are available in my office?

For details of all the video conferencing rooms in your office, see Video Conferencing Rooms on Non Solus.

Full Mobile Support

With your mobile, you can:

  • Quickly join a Zoom meeting
  • Share your screen and collaborate
  • Use Safe Driving Mode or Apple CarPlay on iPhone

Contact the TechDesk

If you're an Elsevier employee, and you need some help with Zoom, please visit the TechDesk portal, where you can chat to an agent or raise a ticket.

You can also reach the TechDesk on the following numbers:

UK: +44 1865 844 705
NL: +31 20 485 2233
US: +1 937 865 7199
US (toll free): +1 800 544 6557
Singapore: +65 63490188